Career Options lunch

in association with SFBBM

Session E: Saturday, 30 August, 12:30-14:00 - fully booked!

Room: Maillot

Scientists who have chosen career paths outside academic research will lead this interactive lunchtime session and talk about their personal experience of the transition to a non-academic career along with options and trends in their career area. Participants will gain an insight into some of the career options available, and some tips on how to move into these careers. The session is organized as round-table discussion over lunch with one mentor leading discussion at each table.

Participants can attend two of the nine tables:

  • Table 1a: Industry 1 | Mentor: Gaëlle Douillard-Guilloux, Researcher, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Table 1b: Industry 2 | Mentor: Frédéric Scaërou,  Director Scientific Affairs, Ipsen
  • Table 2: Science policy / EU | Mentor: Didier Schmitt, Scientific Adviser and Foresight Coordinator, European Commission
  • Table 3: Scientific sales / marketing / product management | Mentor: Patrick Haddad, Sales & Marketing Manager, LFB Biomanufacuring
  • Table 4: Science communication | Mentor: Sophie Lhuillier, Science Communication Officer, SIDaction
  • Table 5: Science infrastructure & facilities | Mentor: Francina Langa Vives, Head, Mouse Genetics Engineering Centre (CIGM), Institute Pasteur
  • Table 6: Clinical trials / clinical research | Mentor: Alexandre Malouvier, Senior Director Project Management at Worldwide Clinical Trials
  • Table 7: Science management / scientific administration | Mentor: Karine Langou, Project Manager at the Brain and Spine Institute
  • Table 8: Scientific publishing | Mentor: Professional editor from one of EMBO Press' four journals

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