Effective networking for researchers

Session B1: Saturday, 30 August, 10:15 - 12:15 or Session B2: Saturday, 30 August, 14:15 - 16:15

Room: 242A

A broad network acts as an important medium for exchange of information between scientists and enables them to promote themselves and harness career opportunities. Being able to network is invaluable for researchers, particularly at events such as scientific conferences, but also more broadly throughout the course of one’s career.

The aim of this interactive session is to show participants how to network more effectively and to explain their research in a positive manner to researchers outside their specialist area.  With guidance from an experienced careers adviser and the chance to practice in a welcoming environment, by the end of the session participants will have developed a short “elevator pitch” to introduce themselves, already increased their network, feel more confident to participate in and contribute to the upcoming conference.

100% of last year’s attendees would recommend this workshop.

Trainer: Sarah Blackford, Head of Education & Public Affairs, The Society for Experimental Biology, Lancaster UK