TRANSPOL ITN - Satellite-Symposium: Membrane Trafficking / Signalling / Cell mechanics

Saturday 30 August 

Organized by the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network TRANSPOL-ITN

9:00 - 16:45, Room 252A

This Satellite-Meeting is part of the final meeting of the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network "TRANSPOL-ITN" (Transport and Sigalling in Polarized cells). TRANSPOL aims specifically to understand the functional relationship between intracellular trafficking and cellular signalling and their relevance to human diseases.
Participants of TRANSPOL as well as six invited speakers will present their most resent results on the topics of membrane trafficking, cell signaling and cell mechanics.

This meeting is open to participants of the main FEBS EMBO conference. There is no admission fee, however, please kindly register by sending your name and the name of your institute to:

Registration will close on the 31st July 2014 and will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

Membrane trafficking

Chair: Rolf Heumann

Shaping membranes - Roles in endocytic vesicle formation and plasma membrane organization
Britta Qualmann, DE

Mechanisms and functions of clathrin-independent endocytosis
Ludger Johannes, FR

Multi-PDZ domain proteins in cell polarization and trafficking
Kai Erdmann, UK

The dynamics of Dynamin in vivo
Valentina Galli, CH

Membrane trafficking / Signalling

Chair: Kai Erdmann

The interplay of endocytosis and signalling
Elizabeth Smythe, UK

Spatiotemporal regulation of cytokine receptor plasticity
Jacob Piehler, DE

The molecular basis for differential activation by Type I interferons
Gideon Schreiber, IL

Intracellular mechanisms of Ras signalling for neuronal degeneration and regeneration
Rolf Heumann, DE

Transpol-fellow (short talk)

Cell mechanics / Cell imaging

Chair: Christophe Lamaze

Growth dynamics and mechanics of elastically confined spheroids and cylindroids
Pierre Nassoy, FR

Actin & Tension-Regulated Caveolar domain plasticity & trafficking. Importance of stromal biomechanics for tumor progression
Miguel del Pozo, ES

Optical super-resolution microscopy of plasma membrane dynamics
Christian Eggeling, UK

Transpol-Fellow (short talk)