France-BioImaging: advanced microscopy meets biology at different scales

Saturday 30 August

9:00 - 12:00, Room 243

France-BioImaging is the laureate, in the field of Biological Imaging, of a national initiative to support the access to innovative research to a wide scientific, medical and industrial community throughout France, Europe and beyond.

Full understanding of life processes relies on the development of new technologies enabling the multiscale observation and quantification of biological systems.

At the frontier between molecular and cell biology, biophysics and engineering, mathematics and bioinformatics, France-BioImaging gathers, in a coordinated infrastructure unique in France, several outstanding cellular imaging centers supported by laboratories for state-of the art R&D with the aim to give faster access to advanced imaging techniques and methods to a wide scientific community and to participate to socio-economical development through industrial partnerships and innovations.

This meeting is intended for the whole community of researchers (research fellows, PhD candidates, engineers, students etc.) to illustrate how to answer diverse biological questions using innovative imaging solutions.

Admission is open to participants of the main FEBS EMBO conference but restricted to the first registered persons. Please register here before July 31st (free of charge).

Preliminary programme


France-BioImaging: the French National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging
Maïté Coppey, FR - National Coordinator
Séverine Fantapie, FR

Correlating live cell and super resolution microscopy to study the melanogenesis using the CryoCapsule
Xavier Heiligenstein
, FR

Objective comparison of particle tracking methods
Nicolas Chenouard

Building the inner ear: proneural gene requirements in cellular dynamics of neurosensory development
Cristina Pujades
, ES

Polarized fluorescence microscopy, a new tool to decipher structural information in bio-imaging
Alla Kress, FR

3D Architecture of a bacterial DNA segregation apparatus: stochastic ParB self-assembly nucleated from the centromere
Diego Cattoni
, FR