Special Sessions

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Saturday 30 August

Sunday 31 August

Monday 1 September

SFBBM Session

The 100th Anniversary of SFBBM, the French Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Birgit Habenstein, FR
Patrice Dunoyer, FR
Annabelle Varrot, FR
Franck Martin, FR
Sophie Rahuel-Clermont, FR
Paul Guichard, FR
Guy Dirheimer, FR
Frédéric Dardel, FR



FEBS Letters Award Session

Susanna Törnroth-Horsefield, SE
Structural principles behind eukaryotic aquaporin regulation

EMBO Scientific Publishing Session

Bernd Pulverer, DE
Transparent Publishing - Reinventing the Paper

followed by panel discussion

FEBS Journal Award Session

Hee-Yeon Jeon, KR
Depletion of Aurora-A in zebrafish causes growth retardation due to mitotic delay and p53-dependent cell death

Symposium from biomolecules to cells: the NMR contribution

Lucia Banci, IT
NMR in Cellular Structural Biology: from single molecules to pathways

Stefano Gustincich, IT
SINEUPS: a new functional class of natural and synthetic antisense non-coding RNAs that activate translation

Ed C. Hurt, DE
Insight into eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis by NMR structural analysis

Harald Schwalbe, DE
RNA-based regulation studied by NMR and beyond


Science and Society Session

Patrick Rüdelsheim, BE
Biosafety: all for one; one for all

Elisabeth Waigmann, EU
The role of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in the risk assessment of GMOs

Mario Tredici, IT
Food & biofuels from large-scale algae mass cultures: opportunities & challenges

Jane Calvert, UK
Responsible design in synthetic biology

**note: new speaker order:13.08.2014


Symposium from biomolecules to cells: the NMR contribution

Claudio Luchinat, IT
Metabolomics as a potential breakthrough in public healthcare: the role of NMR

Rolf Boelens, NL
Structure and dynamics of nucleosome complexes

 Jose Rizo-Rey, US
Using NMR spectroscopy to elucidate the mechanism of neurotransmitter release

Guy Vandenbussche, BE
Structural and metal binding characterization of SilB coordinations sites, a protein involved in metal resistance in Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34


Tuesday 2 September

Wednesday 3 September


FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Session

Confessions of a male sexist: What you and I are doing to hold women back, and how to stop

Curt Rice, NO

followed by panel discussion

Science & Society Round Table

New trends in scientific policy in Europe 

Moderator: Gottfried Schatz, CH
Helga Nowotny, AT
Daniel Louvard, FR


FEBS Education Session 1

What skills and knowledge are required to improve molecular life science education

Francesco Michelangeli, UK
Jean-Luc Souciet, FR 


FEBS Education Session 2

New technologies available to teach molecular life science

Quentin Vicens, FR
Michael.E.Caspersen, DK
Neil Morris, UK



FEBS Biomolecular complexes and assemblies

A FEBS Journal Symposium to honor Richard Perham

Sheena Radford, UK
Frédéric Dardel, FR
Wolfgang Baumeister
, DE
Angela Gronenborn, US
Vladimir Uversky, US
David Nicholson, UK